Business Phones

Network Checker has partnered with Vonage Business Solutions, Comcast to provide VoIP phone systems for our clients.  We are also partnered with CenturyLink, so we can help you tailor a solution to your individual business needs.  

Vonage Business Solutions

Low Cost

Our most popular option, the Vonage Business VoIP solution is delivered over the internet and is hosted in the cloud.  The best phone systems don't have to be the most expensive. 

Business-Class Features

With over 40 calling features built, in Vonage Business delivers productivity without the added cost.  Vonage Business offers Virtual Receptionsist, Dynamic Caller ID, Mobile Apps, Desktop Plugins, Voicemail to Email and more.  Their mobile platform allows you to use your business number anywhere. Whether your business has one employee or two hundred employees, we can help you to customize your system to fit your specific needs.   

Easy Setup & Support

You can manage the phone system from your desktop through a user-friendly admin portal.  We offer 90 days of free support to help you get your system set up the way you want it.  If you ever need additional assistance, we offer ongoing support for an hourly charge.  You also have access to free online learning resources and extensive training.  Vonage offers experienced customer support teams to help you out free of charge.

Comcast business voice edge


Comcast also offers a fully featured phone system that works wherever you are.  This cloud-hosted PBX (private branch exchange) solution includes many of the benefits you would find with a traditional onsite PBX without the hardware costs and additional storage space.  Comcast Business VoiceEdge runs over one of the largest, secure, and reliable managed VoIP networks in the nation, not the public Internet. 

 Comcast Business VoiceEdge is designed to grow with you.  They offer simple digital control so you can manage greetings and update features with ease from their digital portal.   


 Do You Need a Simple Analog Phone Line? Network Checker has also partnered with Century Link and can write contracts for traditional analog phone lines when needed.  We will help you decide which option makes the most sense for your business.