Busines Internet services

Network Checker is a certified provider for both Comcast Business Solutions and CenturyLink. We tailor the contracts we write to fit our clients’ needs without overselling. If fiber, T1 or DSL would be a better fit for your needs we can provide these third party contracts also. We can offer hybrid internet/VoIP solutions using multiple vendors for the best fit as needed.

Why wouldn't I just call Comcast or CenturyLink directly?

As Comcast and CenturyLink partners, our contracts offer the same pricing you would get if you called Comcast or CenturyLink directly.  You still have access to all of the support options you would receive if you went through a direct agent.  Network Checker offers a local team of people working for you throughout the transition process.   For no additional charge to you, when you sign up through us, you have someone local on your side to help you through the process.